Guess Who’s Doing AudioBooks?!

I love your web page and what you are doing. It is nothing whatever against you. In fact I like your bubbly emails and web site. In fact, I like the music. If it is alright I would like to download some of it. I love jazz and rarely does a person find good jazz. That is good stuff. Your theatre group is a good one. So is your show. You folks could give Howard a run for the ratings if and when you get syndicated. If you are not already. Yes, you are that good.



Things have been oddly…busy over here are LTT / Aural Pleasure PNW; specifically in the voice department! More specifically, audiobooks on Audible! JC and Saul are in pre production for

D. Alan Lewis’s The Lightening Bolts of Zeus; a tale of steampunk, government intrigue, adventure, romance and heavy artillery! All in super HD radioshow-vision! Har har har!

Want to learn more? Check out his website for pulp, sci-fi and steampunk!