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Kill Dr. Lucky 19 1/2th Debut

JC Here!

Guess whut…I’m in a boardgame! The Male and I was give the chance to be silly and Victoria with James Earnest of Cheap Ass Games as well as Phil and Kaja Foglio of the Girl Genius corner.

Want to see Kill Dr. Lucky 19 1/2th early? Well, if you’re on the JoCo 2016, Cheap Ass Games will be play testing / debuting KDL as well as others wonderful things while sailing wherever nerds sail to.

I’ll see you on your table, in a cafe, at your Gram’s house or where ever board games reside! Kickstarter Folks should be getting their copies soon-ish.

And if you’re on Steam, check out the deluxe mod some cool person made!

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