Nerdy VO Spotlight: Daisuke Ono

Unless you’re an anime fan, you’ve probably never heard of Daisuke Ono (小野 大輔)  before. This is a shame because he’s one of the very talented group of voice actors from Osomatsu San, a reboot of the old, 60s gag cartoon in Japan. His character is the ever popular Juushimastu (松野 十四松): bubbly, neurotic….nutz; but Daisuke’s character range from heroic to mob boss to bonkers is flawless! Before you poo-poo about anime, very few Westerners know how ultra competitive and difficult it is to be a voice actor (声優 – seiyuu) in Japan.




Crunchyroll currently has rights for the US, so check Osomatsu San out! It’s MEGA Hilarious!