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If you missed the Black N Blue Boys / Broken Men podcast, you can check it out here.

Robert Buckler | Rob Mugshot‘s score for Black n Blue Boys,  The Black n Blue Boys/ Broken Men OST, is available for listening!


About The JVF Clique:

The JVF Clique emerged from the depths of their sleepy little town in the heart of the middle bit of England.

Their notoriety started with an early morning set on pirate radio station, Mix FM. Mix FM Began in Leicestershire in early 1992 after the closure of Hardcore FM. The Clique joined the station in 1994 to introduce some drum & bass to its already busy schedule of underground music.  Mix FM presented a broad selection of underground DJ’s broadcasting to the Midlands most weekends on 106.3 FM.  After broadcasting for the majority of the next 3 years, Mix FM relocated to Birmingham.