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Board Game Night @ The Pocket

JC here! Or shall I say Madame Brunsleby to you?

Join me as I wow some nerdz and get my board game on with James Earnest new/old favorite Kill Doctor Lucky 19th 1/2 edition at the Pocket Theater this Thursday. Yas; I am a new character with a huge necklace, a tight black dress and cash flow problems. Bring your cats, bring your goats, bring your Nana and bring some games!


Here are the deets from Clayton Weller of The Pocket:




[This community event is pay-what-you-will at the door. RSVP to make sure you get in!]

Sponsored byBlue Highway Games


Show Description

You love board games.
You love hearing about board board games.
You love talking about board games.
You love getting FREE board games.
But most of all, you love playing board games.

So why don’t you satisfy ALL of these urges in one fell swoop. Come to the Pocket, grab a drink, and listen to an expert panel review 5 board games through very unique lenses. After 30 minutes of thought, you’ll jump in and play these (and other) games until you’re satisfied! Indulge your hobby, and find others with the same passion.

Produced by

Clayton Weller | Adam Davis | Casey Middaugh

Producer Bio: Clayton Weller has been producing shows in Seattle for over 7 years. He’s worked with artists from all over the globe and has a wonderful track record with his comedy group Ubiquitous They. He’s also loved playing board/card games since he could count to 5. This show is a logical thing to occupy his precious time!
Blue Highway Games is one of Seattle’s first and longest operating Board Game stores. Located on top of Queen Anne Hill, across from the Safeway, they specialize in board and card games for kids, families, and enthusiasts! Their expert staff will help find the game that is right for you. They have a library with hundreds of games open for you to try at any time.

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