Black n Blue BoysStage

A Black n Blue End

JC & Alejandro told of their process in the Anywhere the Needle Drops podcast.


It’s been a long road, one of intense dedication and heartache. When Alejandro and I first started this project, it seemed impossible yet, slowly, the impossible became improbable and the improbable became possible and now here we are…the possible happened and now it ends.

As a performer, I was pushed to my end.

As a producer, I was taxed to my limit yet as a human, I changed.

Would it be naive to say that we need each other? Not in a sense of a huge, but that we need to help each other and realize that every child, every vagabond, every man, every woman has a story that we know nothing about?


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Waxing poetic is not my style, but I like to thank the crew for their help, Chach Photography and R. Padilla for their love,  the Pocket for their belief, smART and Treehouse for their support and Thank You for even coming here.

Treehouse needs you.

The Homeless need you.

Please help make a difference because everyone has a story.





Seattle Office of Art & Culture