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One Night Only

Sunday, October 4, 2015

7:00 pm


Pocket Theater

8312 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103

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Pulitzer nominee Dael Orlandersmith unravels the grim, heartbreaking stories of 6 struggling New York men trying to find redemption through the voice of one woman.

Due to graphic content, Mature Audiences Only.

Sponsored by: Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Treehouse.

Seattle Office of Art & Culture


Note From The Performer:

I’d like to ask a favor since everyone in Seattle does ‘shows’. Black n Blue Boys / Broken Men is a passion project to raise awareness about children in foster care, specifically showing what a child goes through when the world turns their back on them and the system is all they have left.

This production is partially sponsored by Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Treehouse so it’s not about cash. Here’s what I’d like to ask: if you can’t make the show, please, please, please, please donate the ticket sales, any back to school goods and/or your time to Treehouse. Their back to school drive is coming up and there are kids  who need clothes, backpacks, school supplies, shoes and rewards (games, books, etc for when they pass a grade level or get into college). Please contact Kintisha, or Alexa, and get involved. If not Treehouse, please donate your time to the multiple shelters and soup kitchens in Seattle; compassion, kindness and a bit of food can go a long way.

If you’d like to see a good show directed by Alejandro Stepenberg (IMSTD) and music performed by DJ Mugshot (JVF Clique), that would be awesome too. Donation bins will be at the Pocket Theater a few weeks before the show. Thank you for the read and remember that Treehouse needs your support all year, not just during the holidays! Also please check out the LTT website for my ‘Blood ‘Ell, Gimme Cash!‘ project where I busk around the city, reading inspirational poetry for foster kids and the homeless.