Black n Blue Boys

LTT + smART = <3


It’s very rare when an experimental artist gets to do what they love and not carry the entire bill solo. When I decided to partake in the art of acting, I didn’t see it as a way to gain notoriety but a way to tell a story and help those without a voice. Perhaps that is what art really is and the kind souls of smART feel the same way.

Black n Blue Boys / Broken Men is a project dear to me; not only does allow me to test my limits as a vessel of story, but it also allows my humble passion to be a vehicle for organizations like Treehouse, Union Gospel Mission (and others like it), psychiatrists who want to help the mentally ill and those homeless who are overlooked. When Jenny Crooks encouraged me to NOT give up, I felt like the City of Seattle wanted more than the status quo, more than Mary Poppins…the City desperately hungered for evolution of its’ artistic scene and awareness for those who can’t be apart of it.

Enough wishy washy stuff. Thanks smART!